Koh Russey Island  

Koh Russey Island

Koh Russey Island is located about 3km from Ream National Park and Otres Beach in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

The tropical island is about 2km long by 1km wide.

Koh Ta Kiev Island lies right next to Koh Russey Island about 1.5km away.

The main features of Koh Russey Island are trees, beaches, and more trees and beaches.   Also, lots of water (The Bay of Thailand surrounds the island, as you would expect.)

The airport, golf courses, and casino are not open yet, but if you wait (maybe 3 years), they will be. Not even a 7-11, (or any other store for now)

Koh Russey Island currently has no public facilities on the island, but construction on a large resort has started on the Western tip of the island.

See you soon!


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